Engine Overhauling

At B. Malani & Company, a wide range of services related to engine overhauling are offered

With a high precision special purpose machinery setup and the expertise and experience that we have, we possess the capability to overhaul various sizes of engines beginning with as small as a car to as big as that of excavators/ loaders.

What all can be overhauled by us:-

Any engine running on fuel right from that of cars, LCVs, buses, trucks, excavators, generators, loaders, tippers, cranes, etc. can be overhauled at our workshop.

Apart from just the machining tasks, we can also rebuild any type of engine, meaning disassembly to machining to assembly and getting it running, we can do the whole task.

Our setup

At our engine overhauling workshop for carrying out the various tasks on the engine parts, we have the following machines
  • 3 Cylinder Block Boring machines

  • 2 Cylinder Block Honing machines

  • 1 Cylinder Liner Removal and refitting Hydraulic Press.

  • 2 Main Line Boring machines

  • 1 Main Line Honing machine

  • 4 Crankshaft Grinding machines

  • 2 Connecting Rod Connecting Bush Boring machines

  • 1 Connecting Rod Grinding machine

  • 2 Hydraulic Press machines

  • 3 Lathe machines

  • 2 Valve Seat /Guide Bore Cutting machines

  • 1 Cylinder Head Assembler machine

  • 3 Spray jet based Engine Parts Cleaning machines

  • 1 Dynamic Balancing machine

  • 2 Surface Grinding machines

  • 1 Crankshaft Magnetic Crack Detector machine

Apart from the list of machines mentioned above, we have a good number of precision tools and other equipment’s which help facilitate the overhauling tasks.