Valve Seat Cutting Machines- SERDI, FRANCE

We represent Machines SERDI S.A, France, for Cylinder Head Valve Seat and Valve Guide machining systems and Cylinder Head and Cylinder Block Pressure Testing machines for their exports to India. They have a range of Valve seat cutting machines suitable for manufacturers of cylinder heads and re-builders of cylinder heads. A good range of options are available for the same. Details and images of 2 variants of the valve seat cutting machine and of a Pressure Testing machine shared below:-

Power Ultrasonic Cleaning Machines- UltraTecno, SPAIN

We represent UltraTecno, Ultrasonidos Lover, S.A., SPAIN for their export of  high technology 28 kHz Power Ultrasonic cleaning machines for the Automotive manufacturers, Engine re-builders and Automobile Repair / Service workshops in India. They have an ACM and ICM range for various capacity and cleaning requirements particularly for cleaning of Cylinder Heads, Cylinder Blocks, Crankshafts and other engine parts during engine overhaul, as well as Custom built machines for special requirements.